Dan and Patty Eycleshymer, proprietors of Backyards, Furniture and Embellishments  “If you don’t have a backyard, you should probably get one.”  That’s the philosophy of Dan and Patty Eycleshymer, proprietors of Backyards, Furniture and Embellishments.

      “You don’t necessarily have to have grass.  Backyards are a state of mind”, they say.  “Watch a sunset from your balcony, chill at the end of your dock, eat dinner on your deck or terrace, or simply watch the world go by from your front porch swing.”

Dan and Patty were each fortunate to have always had a backyard, excepting days spent in college dorms, of course.  Dan used his for playing ball, throwing the Frisbee around and burying his dog, Midget.  Patty, on the other hand, used hers for hanging out in the tree fort, making miniature golf courses, and sunbathing.

In 1972, Dan and Patty began to share a backyard.  They used it for more grown-up things, like weeding flower beds and mowing the grass without being told.  The yard was pretty, and they tried to ignore their sorry looking, hand-me-down outdoor furniture.

In 1977, their son Casey was born, and a daughter Elizabeth followed in 1980.  Soon the backyard was filled with bicycles, doll houses, baseballs, and dogs, and the same old, lame patio furniture that they had been given all those years ago.  “When the children are older, we’ll get some decent furniture out here”, she said to herself.

Patty, who taught high school English, and Dan, who was doing his businessman thing and being Mayor of Niles, MI, were very busy people.  The children were growing up, and the dogs were growing old, but they were never too busy for their backyard!  One summer, as Patty wandered outside, she really took a long look at that sorry patio furniture and said, “Enough is enough!”

     She announced that evening, “We’re getting new outdoor furniture.” 

Dan listened to her tone and agreed.

With college tuitions looming, Dan went to a Big Box (oh, no!) store, without Patty, (oh, no!) and brought home a surprise.  Outdoor Furniture!  Patty, who always enjoyed being in on things, was not as happy as Dan thought she would be; she frowned, and said rather loudly, “Dan that furniture will not last two summers!  It looks rickety already, and the fabric is rough.  We’ll have to drag those cushions in every night. What were you thinking?”

     “It was cheap and on sale”.

     And then they were too busy to think about it anymore.

     The children eventually moved into their own lives with their own backyards; Patty retired from teaching, and then Dan retired from doing his business thing, and they stared into their big backyard, and Patty said, “We are long overdue.  I want some beautiful, quality furniture which we should have invested in long ago, and this time I get to help choose.”

And Dan, a very clever fellow, agreed.

     They looked and looked and looked again, but couldn’t find anything in all of Michiana that was

comfortable, durable, and beautiful.  And they didn’t want to order something out of a catalogue.  You never know what you’ll get!

It was awful!

    Then Dan said, “I know!  Let’s open our own Outdoor Furniture Store.  We need something to do, and we know about backyards.  We love backyards.  And we can certainly learn about the business.  What do you think?”

    Patty looked at him as if he were crazy, but then crazy can be fun, and she always enjoyed a challenge.  They learned about the business, found absolutely fabulous furniture from all over the United States, and because Patty loves to shop they sell all sorts of other things to spiff up not only your outdoors, but your lives.

   They, of course, named their store, Backyards.  And that’s where you’ll find them, because they don’t have time to ever be in their own backyard!


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